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William Ventura was the Head of Production, Head of Quality Control, Chief of Factory, and a designated grandmaster in rolling cigars as a torcedor in his nearly 21 years at Davidoff of Geneva. During his tenure, he worked with luminaries such as Zino Davidoff and Eladio Diaz to help create and maintain some of the world’s finest blends and cigars. In the past decade, he founded Tabacalera William Ventura with his two sons, providing white label cigars for highly successful boutique houses.

Wiber Ventura began to work with tobacco at age nine with his father William. At age 18, his career formally began at Tabadom Holding Inc. (the Davidoff of Geneva factory), where he held various roles in the tobacco field, fermentation process, tobacco sorting, blending, cigar production, packaging, administration, and marketing. He quickly rose through the ranks, first as Assistant Director of Quality and Production, then Global Manager of Innovation Cigars, Cigarillos and Pipe Tobacco, and then Subdirector of Quality and Production. Today, he oversees operations of the Tabacalera William Ventura factory.

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