Henderson vs. Saka (Uncivil War)
Henderson vs. Saka (Uncivil War)

Henderson vs. Saka (Uncivil War)

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Young gun versus the big gun!
The Dominican republic versus Nicaragua!  

Steve Saka vs. Henderson Ventura (For some of you the youngin might need an introduction... sorta owns the factory that makes 90% of Caldwell, currently all of La Barba, a few lines for Room 101, and many Lost & Found offerings! He can't take credit for it all though! His father and brother who work with him used to work for a little company called Davidoff!


Let the games begin


Halfwheels #1 & #2 of 2018 which happen to be a Connecticut & Broadleaf



#1 Joya De Nicaragua Numero Uno

#2 La Careme Belicoso Fino (Crowned



Adventura Cigars (ADV)



1 New Queen's Pearls Corona 🦍

1 New Kings Gold Toro 🦍

3 Explorer "Red" (Short Rob• Robusto Grande • Toro Box Press

2 Conqueror "Black" (Rob/Toro)

2 Navigator "Blue" (Rob/Pyramid) 🐐

1 "New Box Press Green Connecticut"

1  "Piece of Heart" Belicoso (Green)

1 Navigator Lancero (Not Produced... yet we got em!)

Dondurma by Saka 🦍

Muestra De Saka #NLMTHA

Muestra De Saka Exclusivo

Muestra De Saka Nacatamale

Muestra De Saka Unstolen Valor

Sin Compromiso #5 🐐

Triqui Traca #552

Brûlée Toro

Sobremesa "Elegante en Cedros"

Todos Las Dias Robusto

Mi Querida Gordita

Mi Querida Gordita Ancho Largo