Alec Bradley Premium Sampler

Alec Bradley Premium Sampler

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Sampler of  all Premium to Ultra Premium cigars by Alec Bradley. This will be a progressive sampler starting from Mild to Full Body. These will come in an array of sizes and blends. I would say our collection is pretty vast in terms of blends so expect different samplers all the time. 

You will always get a Minimum 10 Cigars regardless of the price. 

No two people will have exact sampler 

I may not adhere to price protection or compete with any type of clubs 

I get one opportunity to earn your business for a sampler. 

If you don’t like the cigars? That’s a manufacture issue. If you don’t like,see, or appreciate the value on our samplers…. Simply stick to buying boxes from us.

Samplers have value,and provide a great introduction to a brand. In the event you like the brand it gives you a great way to support them.