Blind Buy 100

Blind Buy 100

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Sampler of Mild to Medium Body Cigars

Minimum 10 Cigars 

I don’t stock generic brands that you need to google

I may stock something that if you google and it will be far from generic

Examples of that Scenario?

google: “Lost & Found Antique Cigars”

google: “Lost & Found Instant Classic”

google: “Caldwell 22 minutes to Midnight”

You will find prices really high prices  that blow your mind. They are worth that price that you see I can assure you. I bought a phuc ton. I want everyone to experience them. 

No two people will be exactly alike 

I may not adhere to price protection on these samplers. 

So I am not putting pictures up because I want to earn your trust. These are priced to buy multiples. 

If you don’t trust my palate ? Not a problem! 

Dont buy the sampler, it’s that simple.

I do most of my business this way.

All referral business!