Viaje Box Set
Viaje Box Set

Viaje Box Set

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1 Box of Cigars:

Viaje - Birthday Blend 2023
Torpedo - 6" X 52 Box Count: 46 

Bday Blend 2023.jpg

CHEERS! - It’s a Birthday Blend celebration. This year the box count is 45 with “one for good luck”. The extra stick is clad in gold and features a San Andres Maduro wrapper. So, break out the party hats and raise a glass. 

2 Boxes of Cigars:

Viaje - PHAT Scotch Bonnet
Figurado - 5 3/16" X 55 Box Count: 25

SPICY PEPPERS - The Hatchet family is done harvesting and are happy to report an incredible crop this year. A quick word of caution, they pack a punch.