Habibi #1
Habibi #1

Habibi #1

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Undercrown Shady *

Under crown Dogma *

Undercrown Sungrown Dogma *

Adventura Explorer

Adventura Conqueror

Adventura Kings Gold

Adventura Queens Pearl

Adventura Navigator Francis D *

Baka Jengi

Sabre Tooth

Neanderthal HS * German Size

War Bear (Powstaine | Roma Craft)

Crowned Heads Juarez

Crowned Heads La Careme

Crowned Heads Mil Dias

Viaje Johnny Blaze

Viaje Holiday Blend ‘19

Viaje Holiday Blend ‘20

Viaje Skull & Bones Mystery Blend

Viaje Black & White Maduro

Viaje Craft Series Wilshire and La Jolla

Sobremesa En Cedros

Triqui Traca

Avo South LE

Avo 30th Ritmo

Avo 30th Fogato

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When you see Neanderthal HS yes that’s the German. When you see Baka it’s Jengi. Yes that’s a Sabre Tooth.. Yes we are using Viaje Holiday Blend ‘19 & ‘20. Yes the black Viaje bands are Mystery Blend and Black & White Maduro. The Adventura Francis D Corona Gorda was included in many of the samplers. I could keep going but the deals are banging .. the pictures should be enough. 

Oh everyone is getting the Adventura travel Case

It’s Free shipping ...

its all 🔥🔥🔥