IIegal Tobaco Connecticut Gordo by HR

IIegal Tobaco Connecticut Gordo by HR

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Each box of the Ilegal Tabaco retail from $219 to $239 Depending on the size 

The foot of every Hirochi Robaina cigar features a closed foot. or size … 

Ilegal Connecticut

  • Ilegal Connecticut Gordo (6 x 60)
  • (Box of 20)

Simply put, Ilegal Connecticut from La Familia Robaina is as smooth as cigars come, and so good - they should probably be illegal. A blend straight from the book of Cuban-born master, Hirochi Robania, these sticks impart creamy notes of cedar, wood, gentle spices, and an earthy finish. The recipe is shrouded in mystique, apart from its Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, and rounds out for an easy-smoking medium body. Ilegal Connecticut cigars are primed to smoke in the morning but don't be surprised if you find yourself smoking them around the clock.