La Familia Robaina HR Box Press (5 pack)

La Familia Robaina HR Box Press (5 pack)

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5 Pack

Limited Release 

*Note This is an HR Signature Toro Box Press with a Peruvian leaf added. Peruvian tobacco  got added to the Claro as well. It’s been in the Ilegal Habano as well since it’s inception. 

Proprietary blend

Box Press

Toro “Prensado”

Closed foot 

The HR Signature in a limited box press toro. The Robaina may be one of the most famous names in the tobacco business. While the family is best known for growing cuban cigar tobacco, and their Vegas Robaina line, the HR line has made a big splash in the states.  Utilizing well aged tobacco from Jalapa and Estelí and utilizing an Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper grown from Habano 2000 seed. The HR Signature is rich and creamy with hints of leather, dried fruit, brown butter, baking spices, and all whist creating a natural sweetness on both mouthfeel and retro