Lost & Found Deluxe Sampler

Lost & Found Deluxe Sampler

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This sampler guarantees you a taste of Antique Line, Lost & Found, Caldwell “one offs, and Instant Classic.

22 to minutes to Midnight, and Antique line,  are the big ticket Items of  LNF. Everyone will get a these products. 

The Caldwell Cigars may be one and done “event” only.  Some of the Limited productions were done specifically for Robert to smoke. 

I am going to include cigars by Matt Booth | Room 101, La Barba by Tony Bellato. 

All Samplers will include Mild .. Medium.. and Full Body Cigars

10 Cigars in each sampler 

No two samplers will be exactly alike 

I may not adhere to price protection 

So I am not putting up pictures 

If You don’t trust our selection  ?

Dont buy this  sampler