Stillwell Star Holiday Edition ‘22

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A tradition in Pipe Culture is for carvers to craft one-off designs and for blenders to create special mixtures to mark the Holidays. In honor of this practice, we at DTT and Cornell & Diehl have followed suit with this delightful Limited Edition Aromatic Puro with mild Cavendish Burley and Virginia tobaccos.

If you are a fan of Aromatic No. 1, then this is a "must try" - it is simply scrumptious.

Once folks taste these, accounts are going to want more - these are simply next level in the genre.

Regretfully, we will be leaving a lot of moola on the table as the production was limited. We have a few "overrun"* boxes, but nowhere near as many as I wish.


What does "Overrun" production mean?

2 different types -

#1 - Maker made more than he could sell, they thought they would sell more, it would be more popular, but it didn't happen so now they have to move them.

#2 - Organic - as a factory you can NEVER make the exact number of cigars to fulfill an order because you never know how many will pass quality control, final color sort or be damaged along the way from table to box. So as a rule, you always produce a buffer. When doing really small batches like 5,000 cigars, producing an extra 500 is not uncommon. Not an issue when an ongoing production puro, but can be problematic when it is a special LP release.

This is why when we do these projects with a single Purveyor, like a U-Boat, the desired number will be 500 boxes, but in the end they may get only 475 or 525... typically it is much closer to the original mark, but there is always some variance.

In the case of Holiday Y2022, it is organic, but since we have pre-commitments to accounts, we can not allow the # to be under. So it looks like we will have a about 100 extra boxes not yet allocated.