Stillwell Star Holiday Edition ‘23 (New) + Dondurma

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DTT shot glass / espresso cup


Grey Beanie

Pink Beanie

Mugs :

Sin Compromiso

Liberty or Death


the “D” logo

Dunbarton Tobacco Plant



from saka :


You didn't think I would give you a whole day off tease-free did you??? <snicker>

Sneak Peek at the StillWell Star Holiday Y2023.

I ended up going an entirely different direction than I had initial intended for two reasons:

#1 - Even after 9 months of work I remain unsatisfied with the Balkan liga I have been working on - I will keep working on it, I am like a dog with a bone when it comes to these things.

#2 - Given all of the LOVE the Aromatic Holiday Y2022 received, I had this totally different Aromatic, no sweet cap with a CT Shade capa Liga in my back pocket ready to go. And it is scrumptious.

So this is a first look at the Holiday Y2023 - available for pre-order at the Premium Cigar Association Trade Show next week.

ETA: November 2023