Top 25 ‘22

Top 25 ‘22

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32 Cigar Sampler

Our Top 25 and Honorable Mention

1. SakaKhan by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

2. 22 minutes to midnight Connecticut by LNF| Caldwell Cigar Co. (line)

3. Brûlée Blue by Dunbarton

4. Paladin de Saka by Dunbarton

5. Barbarroja’s by ADVentura Cigars

6. La Careme Belicoso Fino ‘22 by Crowned Heads

7. Kings Gold by Adventura Cigars (line)

8. SP 1014 “Red” by Sanj Patel (line)

9. Queens Pearls by Adventura (line)

10. La Llorona by Adventura

11. Numero Uno Attaché by Joya de Nicaragua Cigars

12. Mil Dias Magico ‘21 LE by Crowned Heads

13. Four Kicks Capa Especial ‘22 LE (lancero) by Crowned Heads

14. King is Dead Escape Plan by Caldwell (line)

15. Bewitched by Dunbarton

16. 22 minutes to midnight Habano by LNF | Caldwell (line)

17. Aladino Cigars Corojo Reserva Box Press - Figurado (line extension)

18. Anastasia ‘22 by Caldwell (line)

19. Year of the Rat by Liga Privada Drew Estate Cigars : The Rebirth of Cigars

20. Craft 2022 by RoMa Craft Tobac

21. Undercrown  X by Drew Estate (line)

22. CT Antanos Lonsdale by Joya De Nicaragua (line extension)

23. Companion De Warped

24. Tatuaje Cigars Tuxtla (line)

25. Azul y Oro ‘22 LE by Crowned Heads (Note: I swapped the cigar in and out of my top 25 numerous times. The cigar whose spot it took was ironically by Crowned Heads as well. (26.) SFUMATO IN C MAJOR PCA EXCLUSIVE! A winner in every aspect. It actually bumped another Crowned Heads distributed cigar off the list before Azul y Oro took its spot. That was the (27.) OFC Bosphorus.

My top 25 list was made up out of 10 houses. I smoke so many cigars by so many brands daily that just don’t match up against what I selected. My consumers are not complaining.


* They were not available for sale in 2022 so they do not qualify. Two cigars that completely blew me away were the (28.) SP 1014 Black, blended by Eladio Diaz, and the (29.) SP 1014 GREY (Pre-Release) Both cigars are distributed by Sanj Patel.

*Also the (30.)lost & found box press could have easily gone on my list but didn’t. It was a very small production. I did not put shop exclusives, or Uber limited products on my list.

Most Gangster Launch

(31.) Knuckle Sandwich Erik Espinosa Espinosa Cigars

“Great for the Industry”

Best Cigar not on my list was

(32.) SuperEgo by Freud (Blended by Wiber Ventura). It did not make my list because of the criteria. I didn’t smoke it live.